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Hi Everybody!

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. My name is Guy W. Thomas, AKA Stonebender . I started this webpage because Betty, the other partner of my partner, (Don't worry  I'll explain later.) bought the domain for me out of the blue. Xango is one of the Orisha (a pantheon of deities from the Yoruba people in Nigeria.) Xango was/is my ďpatronĒ deity and although Iím more of an agnostic than I used to be I still have a certain fondness for him. He is the deity of theater, justice, and male sexuality; all things close to my heart. Anyway, having a domain meant I had to come up with a webpage and it seemed like a good idea to try learning HTML. So here is my attempt at a personal webpage. Iím really not very good at keeping anything up to date, so be prepared for outdated information.

This page last updated, 4/1/2013.

I wrote up there that folk also know me by Stonebender. There is a story behind that. Way back before the Internet, I was a young kid with a disability who played a lot of games. In high school I learned about role-playing games and eventually became a regular Dungeons & Dragons player. One day I rolled up a character with 18 (00) strength. Those who played D&D back in the day will realize how impressive this is. The occasion called for an exceptional name. Being a huge Robert A. Heinlein fan, I remembered a short story called Magic Inc. that  had a character who told many tall tales about his Uncle Stonebender. Uncle Stonebender could do anything better, faster and with more flair. It seemed like a pretty good name for my new character and it became a name I used often in role-playing games online and off. Later I remembered that Spider Robinson (another favorite of mine) had a character in his Callahan's Crosstime Saloon stories who's last name was Stonebender (surely a reference to Uncle Stonebender too.) Eventually I started using Stonebender as a nickname in chat rooms. I like it as an alter ego. There is an irony to using it for me that I enjoy. No one actually refers to me as Stonebender although sometimes I wish they did. :-)

When forced to claim an occupation, I call myself a writer. I have been paid for my writing, but to be honest it's been a while. If you consider a writer one who writes, I certainly fit that category. If you think a writer is one who makes a living at it, I'm not even close. Most of my time is filled with advocacy for disability rights, individually and generally. Participating in science fiction fandom, writing, watching television, reading, seeing theater, watching movies, listening to music, hanging with my dog and playing games.

I was trained as an actor in college. I have a degree in dramatic arts from UC Berkeley and I still think of myself an actor. I donít get paid for any of these activities much. I am poly and Iím involved with two women romantically. I was at one time very involved in Democratic politics. I even ran and won a political office. At one time I ran for BART board and lost. Now Iím a Green and donít do much more than vote these days. I don't really know what to do with this website. It seems to be lists of things I like or am interested in with some autobiography thrown in for good measure.


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