My Biography 

Vital Statistics

  • Birth-date: 2/21/58, Pisces.
  • Height: 5' 2"
  • Weight: about 200 lbs
  • Gender: Male
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Short, Grey with Grey beard
  • Keirsey Test: ENFX; ENFJ - ENFP
  • Kinsey Scale: 2

I was born in Hollywood, California at Kaiser Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas. Who miraculously stayed married, until my father's death.. Things went pretty uneventfully until I was a year an a half old when I went from toddler-walking-around-the-house-as-long-as- I-was-holding-on-to-something, back to crawling. After 15 years in and out of hospitals, I finally got a diagnosis. By that time, the diagnosis was an anti-climax. We knew it was neuro-muscular and the diagnosis didn't come with a treatment. So I got on with my life.

I grew up the oldest of four children. I have two sisters: one, two years younger than me, the other ten years younger and a brother seven years younger. I lived in Southern California until I was thirteen when we moved to Rockford, Illinois a town with a population of about 200,000 and 90 miles NW of Chicago. After 9 years in Illinois, I discovered that wheelchairs are allergic to snow. So I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1980.

Eventually, I graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a BA in Dramatic Arts. Although I love theater, I haven't done much with my degree. I tried stand--up. Did a little acting coaching and that's about it. I love rehearsal. Maybe, I'll try producing and directing something sometime in the future. I manage to keep myself busy writing, reading, listening to music. I enjoy watching TV, films, theater. I'm the book procurer for the James Tiptree Jr. Literary Award. I'm active in local SF fandom. Right now, most of my fannish energy goes toward FOGcon and reading the slush pile for 42 Magazine . I fit in what other political/volunteer work I can. I've been arrested doing civil disobedience at times and may do so again. Worked on lots of campaigns. Ran for office, twice successfully, a few times unsuccessfully. Got appointed to many State, County, committees and commissions, City advisory boards, mostly on disability issues. However, I've also worked on environmental and economic justice issues.

Of course while all this was going on I met, fell in love and moved in with my sweetie Carol. We met in college at the Science Fiction Society at SIU. About a year after I moved to California, Carol followed me to Berkeley (the phone bills were killing us). We moved in together a year after that and we've been together ever since. Our relationship began and remains an "open" one long before either of us knew anything about Polyamory.

Now I'm part of a wonderful extended conglomeration of lovers and friends and family. My live-in partner of 30 years plus, Carol . Her other partner, was a really neat lesbian, Betty. The three of us bought a house together. Sadly Betty died of cancer a few years back. My other partner Serene lives with her other partner, James, in Oakland. I'm not really looking for new people in my life but then, I rarely do, they just show up anyway. I have two nephews in the military. One stationed in Hawaii after a tour in Iraq. He's married now. His younger brother is also joining the military. He's off to boot camp now. I worry about them constantly, but they're grown-ups and get to make their own mistakes. I also have a niece and a niece or daughter (I'm not completely sure what to call her, but she's family and I love her).

So look around and see what I'm up to, learn more about me or just say Hello.