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(I'm not really looking for new partners anymore. Not that I'm not not looking but ... Oh, nevermind. This ad is pretty out of date, but I thought I'd keep it here because it does tell a little bit about me. The picture above is around 4 years old as of 2005. I keep my hair pretty short these days.)

My Personal Ad

Hi, I'm a 45 year old (2005 edit: 47), Poly, Pagan (Umbanda), man with a disability. I'm in a 20 plus year relationship with a wonderful bisexual woman who has a lesbian lover. I've got a new sweetie (less than a year), but she lives way down in San Diego! We see each other for a weekend every other month. We'd like to see each other more often, but that's all we can manage right now. (2005 edit: Serene now lives in Oakland. We've been together three plus years and I'd still like to see her more often.) I'm still open to more love in my life. Hopefully, someone more local. I don't think I could handle another long distance relationship. Physically, I'm 5' 2", on the chubby side, blue eyes, grey hair and beard. I use a power wheelchair to get around because of a neuro-muscular disease, which causes muscle weakness, but no paralysis. I write about this up front because I don't want to surprise anyone or waste folks time. I think I am an intelligent, funny caring fellow. People enjoy my company, even if having a relationship with me has its unique "challenges". Now, what am I looking for? That's kind of up in the air.

Ultimately I'd like to have a larger circle of friendly lovers. Maybe we'll have a deep long lasting relationship or a short torrid affair. Maybe a  long flirtation that stays just friends. I don't like to set up expectations or limitations to relationships,  but I am looking predominantly for women who identify as poly or feel OK about multiple intimate relationships. She would have to honor my existing relationships  as I would hers. Hopefully, she would entertain the notion of being sexual with me at some time. I'm not saying I expect sex, but I'm not interested in women who  are only attracted to tall, thin able bodied men right  now.

I don't believe that lovers have to have everything in common, in fact, differences are often the most  fun. I'm a warm, friendly, funny, verbal, cute, sexual  guy. My dream woman is intelligent, social, funny, verbal, easy going, liberal, sexual, and open to different types of bodies. Some of my interests are: Movies, Theater, Music, Games, T. V., Magazines, and reading, especially Science Fiction.. I'm a dog lover and have a silly dobie named Gilly. I plan on getting a smaller dog or two now that we have a house in San Leandro. I collect: comics, books, CD's (Oh, hell I'm a pack rat). I love music. I lean towards the rock/ alternative/folk/ women singers. I can enjoy most types of music I don't  know much about classical, but I like it when I hear it. I'm a carnivore who, politically, would like to be vegetarian. I drink a little, mostly dark beers at  micro-brews and the occasional gin and tonic. Caffeine is more my drug of choice. I love New Orleans, bookstores, libraries, theaters. I'm a city boy, the  SF Bay Area to be precise. I'm planning my first trip out of the U.S.A. I'm heading for Europe in the year ? Any travel hints, suggestions and advice greatfully accepted. I'm interested in exploring new ideas and finding new parts of myself. I look forward to hearing from you at:  Letter icon

P.S. I haven't received a great deal of response  from this AD. I would very much appreciate it if women who have read this AD and decided against responding would bravely drop me a note explaining why. I will not take your note as an invitation to correspond (unless you make it *really* clear that would be welcome). I would just like to know if I can improve my AD or is my search hopeless. Thanks for reading my burbelings, Guy


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